Triratna International Gathering

August 2017

Our Future Dharma — What the World Needs Now

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© Suvajra 2014

Triratna Buddhist Centres from across Europe, Adhisthana and Buddhafield are joining forces for the fifth Triratna International Gathering. The gathering will be held at Adhisthana and opens on the evening of Thursday 24th August, with a meal available at 6 pm, and ends with a closing ritual by 12 pm on Monday 28th August 2017.

Over 50 years Triratna has developed into an international spiritual community with a distinctive vision and a wealth of experience of Dharma practice. At a time when there seems to be increasing uncertainty, upheaval, polarisation, intolerance and conflict in the world the International Gathering will explore what we have to offer the world in the next 50 years.

© Suvajra 2014

Talks by Prajnaketu (European Young Buddhists Coordinator), Dhammamegha (International Council Secretary) and Arthakusalin (Chair of Ghent Buddhist Centre) will explore the Three Jewels as gifts we have to give the world and a range of workshops will explore the transformative message of the Dharma and what we personally have to offer.

We will also hear about FutureDharma Fund, Triratna‚Äôs new, bold and ambitious fundraising project that will help the movement to offer even more to the world &mdash “The world needs what you have been given. Pass it on.”

The International Gathering offers a unique and special event: a large gathering of people from all over the Triratna world, in a beautiful and rural environment, which is inspiring and gives a deep and moving sense of the wider Triratna community and Sangha. It is open to men and women, newcomers to order members, and people of all ages — including children. Everyone is welcome!