Triratna International Gathering

August 2017

Programme Information

Meditating together will help us deepen our experience of aware, kindly and generous states of mind (there will be introductory sessions for those new to meditation).

Talks and discussion will explore some of the challenges and issues facing the world and how these can be met and transformed creatively through a positive vision of human potential (the Buddha), a clear path of transformation (the Dharma) and creating spiritual community (Sangha).

In the evening story-telling, chanting and ritual will create an atmosphere of magic and beauty, receptivity, potential and encouragement.

Each day there will be short work periods — for many people these are an extremely satisfying way of connecting with others and with the retreat as a whole — plus time for meeting up with friends and like-minded people and sitting round the campfire.

The event is family-friendly, and there will be a children’s area, with facilities and activities for children and teenagers. Please contact the organisers for details.


There will be some dormitory accommodation available (book early!) with first priority for those who’ve travelled from abroad, plus camping space and space for live-in vehicles in fields adjacent to Adhisthana (bring your own tent and bedding).

If you need accommodation indoors or you have other physical needs, because of physical ailments, or you are elderly, please contact us before 24th July and we will do our best to meet your needs.

Much of the event will be held in marquees in the fields surrounding Adhisthana. The fields are pretty flat and we can provide help to those that need it. Please contact us as far in advance of the event as you can.

If you’d like to book your own off-site accommodation for the event, you can still attend, at the reduced ticket price. You can find helpful links on the Ledbury Tourist Information page.

For more on facilities for children, or translations for those for whom English is not their first language, please see the Travel & other information page.